Classic Sci-Fi & Horror Films and Music of the '50's, '60's and 70's: Current Remakes

As any Sci-Fi and/or Horror fan knows, any cult, classic or important film of the genre is going to be remade, rehashed, and usually reviled. This post celebrates the points of origin (in vinyl format, of course) from whence came our beloved movies, TV shows and character heroes.

Themes from Horror Movies (in Ghoulish High Fidelity) is an undisputed great piece to start with. Indeed, a very rare and desirable album featuring themes from some of the greatest classic Horror and B-movie of the 1950's and 1960's. Films such as: This Island Earth, Creature from the Black Lagoon, It Came from Outer Space, the Horror of Dracula and The Mole People. Dick Jacobs and his Orchestra do a fine job of setting the mood for these classics, and Bob McFadden narrates throughout, using Dracula-esque and Igor-like voices. A very special treasure for those old enough to remember these pioneer pictures, or those of us 'in the know'. Thankfully, precious few of these have been remade into today's far.

Dark Shadows is being remade as we speak, by Tim Burton and his usual crew. The snippets and teasers made available to us clearly show Tim is taking a very different approach than the original. We shall see. But the original will forever ring true regardless of how the film turns out. Sadly, Jonathan Frid, who played the original Barnabas, very recently passed away. At least we can enjoy his cameo in the upcoming film as a bittersweet farewell. This album is an excellent remembrance of the soap opera, featuring dialogue from both Jonathan and David Selby, who played Quentin.

Hammer presents Dracula - Hammer Studios are remaking many of their classic titles at this very minute, which should prove interesting. This album is a great one-two punch; featuring a full length 'spine-chilling story' narrated by THE Dracula (since 1958) Christopher Lee himself on side one, while side two includes themes from four Hammer films; Fear in the Night, She, The Vampire Lovers and Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde. Additionally, what makes this album so classic is that it requires you to actually listen to it to enjoy the story--what a concept. ; )

There's Something Going On Out There is a title included because of the incredible span of film themes it promotes, about half of which have been remade. From Superman to Psycho, this album still proves the classics, the originals will always be the best. Each power-hitting theme instantly remind of us of each film they come from. For example; Tubular Bells from The Exorcist; the Jaws theme, Star Wars, Close Encounters and Superman all from the genius that is John Williams are included here. Great stuff.

Most film music isn't made to impress like it used to be, aside from a few modern exceptions, and nowadays, most people don't pay attention anyway, which is tragic. But at least we have these classics. And as long as we continue to enjoy them, share them and keep them alive, they will live on well past the shoddy offerings of today's Sci-Fi and Horror genre films.

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