Vinyl Record Carrying Cases: Platter-Paks and Beyond

Oh how I LOVE these vintage record carrying cases! OK, so they're not the ideal thing to have in a state where it rains nine months out of the year. They are, after all, just made out of cardboard and most are at least 50 years old. but I love 'em all the same, and they are highly collectible among record collectors and vintage lovers alike.. Sadly, most of them have not held up well in the test of time, mostly from improper storage.

The 45 boxes, like all of these pictured above, are the most common, and easier to find. It's the LP boxes (pictured below) that are really hard to find, and go up in value as time goes on. They really don't make 'em like this anymore. The box on the left is a true Platter-Pak, which were almost always brightly colored, and/or patterned. The box on the right is literally from RCA Records, and is by far the sturdier of the two. Winnie-the-Pooh of course speaks for itself and comes from the 70's.

Most all of these record cases are available for purchase in my Etsy Shop and website.

Nowadays, Crosley is a popular maker of staunch LP record cases, making transport not only easy, but safe as well. There are plenty of DJ quality vinyl cases out there too, but be prepared to shell out some serious bucks for them. This case holds 30 LP's, perfect for an evening of record playing at a friend's house.


Then if you're super serious about transporting your vinyl, the Odyssey case pictured below is as staunch as it gets and holds up to 200 LP's. It's heavy, but you gotta protect your babies, right? What's nifty about this one is the top is detachable for easy flipping through the stacks and display, if you so choose.

Whichever cases you like to use, they're the perfect way to protect your babies while giving them portability, and they look great just hanging out near your record collection too. Even if you find cases which are not in good enough condition to carry around, get them anyway (if the price is right) to use as decor and actual storage. Keep spinning those little black records!

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