Vinyl Blog Post Series: Best Horror Soundtracks - Hellbound: Hellraiser II

I can't believe it's taken me this long to begin a blog series about some of my favorite Horror Soundtracks on vinyl. It is, after all, the reason I started this blog in the first place! Ah well, better late than never.... we begin with the Hellbound: Hellraiser II original soundtrack, in all of it's gory glory...

While the first Hellraiser film will always be my favorite of the franchise, the first sequel is definitely in the right place. We get a closer peek at those scary cenobites, there's way more blood, and good ol' Julia comes back with a vengeance, for revenge. You may not notice that the film's music is heightening your fear factor, but that's because Christopher Young is a master at his craft. It creeps in on you just exactly where it should. There are several soundtracks in my personal collection by this talented composer, which will undoubtedly find their way into future posts in this Best Horror Soundtracks category.

This album is a delightful blend of spooky incidentals and dark carnival moods, interspersed with that ultra-recognizable Hellraiser theme. An essential Halloween record, but this graces my turntable at least once a month. All. Year. Round. You could say it has a steampunk flavor, much like The Elephant Man soundtrack, which will absolutely be included in an upcoming installment of the Best Horror Soundtracks vinyl blog post series.

And now the bad news...this title is of course very hard to find--on CD and vinyl alike. Being that it came out near the end of the line for automatic vinyl release, we're so fortunate to be able to get it at all. I am very pleased to say that there is a SEALED copy in my Etsy Shop at the moment, but it won't last long. If you do decide to purchase it from me, don't forget to use the COUPON CODE located in the sidebar to the right. Then enter it on the checkout page for an extra discount.

Until next time, stay tuned for more posts in my Best Horror Soundtracks vinyl blog series, latest finds and obsessions, and everything you want to know about vinyl records. Happy Horror-ing!

Celebrities And Their Vinyl Collections: Rodney Bingenheimer

As I've said before, Rodney Bingenheimer is one of my personal heroes, and highly deserves a place within my series of posts about Celebrities and Their Vinyl Collections. This post is about the man himself and not his record collection, because he played a crucial role in the lives and careers of so many bands which are near and dear to my heart.

The film/documentary which best provides the most in-depth look into Rodney's life is The Mayor of Sunset Strip by George Hickenlooper. Poor Rodney. His life is a mix tape of glamour, glitz and girls; personal tragedies, and a slow, sad spiral into the foggy depths of shattered hopes and dreams. He makes you want to have him tucked snugly into your chest pocket while record shopping, so you can seek his approval on your purchases.

The Mayor of Sunset Strip is touching, heartbreaking, hilarious and eye-opening to say the least. Informative and sincere, this film paints a painful look into Rodney's world of corporate radio, groupies and brushes with stardom.

ROTR Vol. 1
Track Listing ROTR Vol.1
After watching The Mayor of Sunset Strip, I was so taken by Rodney's story that I set out to acquire all three volumes of his Rodney On The Roq compilations on vinyl as quickly (and economically) as I could. Sheer luck and/or persistence won out because just a short time later, I now proudly own all three, with two still retaining their original 'zines. These compilations, as a whole, are not available on CD/mp3 (legally), but we don't talk about those kinds of things on this here blog. Expect to pay $20-$40 for each vinyl volume, if you can find them.

ROTR Vol. 2
Track Listing ROTR Vol. 2
You can, however, get the Best of Rodney On The Roq  on CD, but you won't get all the tracks or have the bitchin' album covers, sorry. Also, the soundtrack to the film is pretty cool, as it includes dialogue snippets from various artists celebrities in addition to some of the music in the film.

ROTR Vol. 3
Track Listing for ROTR Vol. 3
There are obvious parallels between Rodney and John Peel; not only because they both are (were) maverick DJ's, but because they nearly single-handedly propelled some of music's most important artists at a very dear cost to their private lives. It's a topic that fascinates me greatly as a music lover/appreciator, vinyl junkie and closet-case star gazer. If you're reading this blog, no doubt you are too.

Pay your respects to one of the men responsible for bringing many of your favorite glam rock, punk, post punk and new wave musical acts of the late 70's to late 80's into the spotlight by watching this little film and/or picking up these treasure records. It's important to remember where the heart and soul of this kind of music came from.
ROTR 'zine included with Vol. 1

ROTR 'zine included with Vol. 3

Celebrities And Their Vinyl Collections: John Peel's Record Box

Continuing on with my theme (and latest obsession) of celebrities and their vinyl collections, today's installation is dedicated to John Peel's Record Box. This is a lovely little film highlighting important music and people from John Peel's life, and most importantly, the 100+ singles stored in a special box separate from his vast collection. Previously, I stated that I didn't want to feature celebrities who would obviously collect records, but I believe John Peel is an undeniable exception...

                                                 John Peel's Record Box Part 1

John Peel's Record Box Part 2

John Peel's Record Box Part 3

John Peel's Record Box Part 4

Throughout the film, there are a few parts that especially touched me. First and foremost, Jack White has several small segments in the film and rightly so: out of the 100+ singles in John's special box, over 20 of them are by The White Stripes. I find this incredibly telling, and amusing when Jack states, "John's got more of our records than I do". What an incredible compliment. Then there's the fact that 'Teenage Kicks' by The Undertones (John's favorite song of all time, of course) was played at his funeral, and "Teenage dreams, so hard to beat" is proudly engraved upon his headstone, as per his wishes. Lovely. This perfectly represents how music can so deeply touch our lives, our hearts and souls.