Seven Inches of Heaven Part Three: My New Found Love of the 45 Has Officially Turned Into An Obsession

Previously, my posts on Seven Inches of Heaven: My New Found Love of the 45 got some attention because of the intentionally provocative title. I have since turned this casual flirtation into a full blown obsession, by snatching up anything and everything I could get my grubby mitts on in the 7" vinyl realm, that is. And of course, it has to be cool, or I'm just not interested. Let's take a peek...

'Punk Rock Girl' by the Dead Milkmen was at the very top of my list, for obvious reasons. This little record brings me sooo much pleasure, I can't even begin to tell you. Just looking at it makes me very, very happy indeed. This particular copy came all the way from the UK, and arrived in flawless condition. 'Golden Brown' by The Stranglers also came from England, which was just so fitting. 'Deutscher Girls' by Adam and the Ants was actually one I didn't have (if you can believe that), and it also came from across the pond. They just have better picture sleeves in the UK, don't they?

I'm always on the lookout for Cramps singles and albums, when I can find them affordable. It makes me very happy to have some new Cramps additions to the few I already had, as you know, they are not easy to come by. They are like my little babies! (I told you I have become obsessed) There is just something about these tiny records in a beautiful picture sleeve, protected in glossy plastic, particularly when they are some of my favorite songs, that makes it really special.

The rare oddities are what I always look for, so it was great to find 'Pigbag' by Pigbag, 'Paranoimia' by the Art of Noise, 'Fire With Fire' by Wild Blue (from the movie! Squeeeee!) and more Stranglers (because, if you remember, I have this unending, fierce fascination/obsession with them at the moment, as told in my post: Obsessed Bliss with The Stranglers. I simply cannot get enough. 'Strange Little Girl' is a particular favorite, a little rough around the edges condition-wise, but then, who of us isn't. Stranglers " are hard to get a hold of--no surprise there--but you'd think there'd be more titles available since they were so prolific. I keep seeing the same ones over and over for some reason.

Oh, and if you are not familiar with The Bollock Brothers, try to hunt some down if you love campy, 80's hilariousness. This gem (again, from the UK) is a definite one-two punch with 'Drac's Back' and b/w 'Horror Movies'. Both of these tunes can be found on Elvira's Haunted Hits, and is where I first heard them.

Depeche Mode's 'World In My Eyes' needs no explanation, only to add that this treasure comes complete with 'Happiest Girl' AND 'Sea of Sin'. My favorite trifecta.

My 7" collection is threatening to become as large as John Peel's Record Box; not in substance, mind you, just in number. I could only dream of being that cool and that well versed in the essentials.  Speaking of John Peel's Record Box, I did manage to pick up two White Stripes reissues (the last copies available!) from one of my favorite local record shops. That was quite a coup, as they were ridiculously under priced, even for reissues, and I only had one other White Stripes 7"; 'Icky Thump', by default because it came with another record. I definitely plan on adding more to my collection when I can find them for less than a million dollars a piece...

Mmmmm...Bauhaus. Another band who doesn't have
many 7" available, despite their impressive catalogue of darkly delicious tunes. 'The Passion of Lovers' and 'She's In Parties' are two of my favorites, so I just happened to get happens sometimes. Now that I'm going over all of these, it really is staggering to know just how many of them were purchased from the UK.

Ah...wonderful X. How I love you all; John, Exene, DJ and Billy. Sadly, this particular title isn't a favorite, but I found it on an obscure vinyl site for really cheap. Besides it's red vinyl, how could I resist? This is another band I'd like to add more of to my little (little? who am I kidding?) 7" obsession. Right. Note to self.

While these are my recent acquisitions in my personal collection, I have also been adding several 45's into my Etsy Shop. They are slow sellers so far, but this is fairly recent, and people haven't seemed to quite catch on yet. But I believe they will...
Stay tuned for lots more vinyl shenanigans to come from your favorite obsessed vinyl junkie!

Sharing the Love of VINYL: One Blog At A Time...

You know what's really cool? People who blog about vinyl. You know what's even more cool? Cool people who blog about your cool blog and post links to it without even telling you! Recently, there have been quite a few vinyl blogs that have come across my path, and I'd like to share them with you in this post. Some of them are fairly new, while others are quite established. All carry the illustrious JustCoolRecords stamp of approval. All are great blogs dedicated to the magical wonders of vinyl records. Enjoy!

This here's a spankin' new site from a fellow vinyl junkie. He's just getting started, but I think he's one to watch because he's got several helpful links for pricing, grading and locating your favorite artists on vinyl.

Rare punk, kbd, psychobilly, indie, gothic vinyl and memorabilia

Based in the UK, this is more than a blog, it's the virtual vinyl shop of my dreams. Specializing in Punk, Post Punk, Pop, Goth and such, these guys have it all at very fair prices. Excellent service and prompt Int'l shipping. Top notch!
This blog is so beautifully laid out and well-rounded. You can find a little bit of everything here; articles, videos, live show dates, reviews and much more. It's like a gorgeous vinyl magazine with lots of high quality photos and plenty of reading. The owner is a very busy father of four, so posts can be a little infrequent. However, between the archives and links, it will keep you busy for a looong time.

He's also a fellow seller, and you can check out his vinyl for sale here:
CurtisCollectsVinylRecords is a haven for anyone into Classic Rock from the 60's, 70's and early 80's. He's got great huge pics of cover art, and incredibly detailed information about the artists, their careers and collaborations. Definitely a blog for the musician as well as the vinyl collector, Curtis explains which instruments were played on what record, as well as recording information and other tasty tidbits. Simply amazing and quite impressive. Go Curtis!

Then there's my pal Joe at who has his crates full of amazing, rare, bizarre and highly desirable titles to satisfy even the staunchest of collectors. He's currently working on a WTF Album Cover  book, a trade 'zine, DJing in various and sundry cool places and you can find him at the Turntabling table at most of the Horror Conventions around the Chicago area and beyond. Not to be missed!

What's In my Etsy Vinyl Shop Part Three & My 40th Blog Post!

Yee-haw! It seems that you all are digging the video posts I've been doing, featuring selections that are currently available in my Etsy Shop. Well that's just great, because I enjoy doing them, and I don't have to rack my brain trying to figure out what to shoot next.

In this third installment, you will see super rare goodies from the 70's and 80's. As always, you will see more of the same; all rare, all cool, all the time. And stay tuned for more video posts in the future, they should improve as I get the hang of it better too.

Thanks for watching!

Incidentally, this marks my 40th blog post! Who knew I would make it this far, and learn to love it as much as I do. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who are following this blog (all 10 of you!), and to everyone else out there who does read it, unbeknownst to me--I see you in my traffic stats! Also, thanks to those who have contacted me for various reasons, some just to tell me how much they enjoy reading my blog, and following me on my vinyl shenanigans (and hopefully having vinyl shenanigans of your own). And finally, to my dear friend Joe, owner of who lit a fire under my ass to start a blog; you will be forever correct, and I will be forever grateful.

New Business Cards, Branding and All That B.S.

Yesterday, new business cards were created for my Etsy Shop and this blog, as an attempt at a (sort of) branding. I have had plenty of business cards in the past, but none where my own photo/logo was used. Being a Photo Shop challenged individual (meaning I don't have it, or any other photo editing software) makes me look very 'behind-the-times' for someone who deals in a  'happening now' line of work. But we do our best with what we have, right? Besides, that's so Rock N' Roll.

So this will be my new 'branded' look, shown on any and all avatars that are connected to my Etsy Shop and this here blog. Like it? I do too, for just whipping it out by myself. I realize graphics/image manipulation is very easy for most people, however I have not the tools or the knowledge at this time, but at least it's different. Which is always my ultimate goal; to be different. Being different is part of what it takes to get noticed in this business, or really in most businesses, to stand out from the masses. Hopefully my killer inventory will do the rest...

It's difficult for someone like me to include pictures of myself, adding a face to my name. However, I am increasingly aware of the fact that it allows people to make a connection, that there is indeed a real live human behind all of this. One that works very hard to put quality content out into the world, in the hopes that it will be of some help and, let's face it, to sell some much-desired records.

So keep an eye out for this logo, hopefully you'll see it around more often. Don't forget to subscribe to my You Tube Channel for video posts all about vinyl, I promise to work on becoming a better videographer.

Video Post: What's In My Etsy Vinyl Shop Part Two

Since the previous video post view into my Etsy Shop was so successful, I thought I'd make another one. Remember, these titles are available at the time of this writing, but several of them won't last long, so if you see something you like, grab it! And don't forget to use the coupon code (located in the sidebar) at checkout for a little discount.

Should I decide to become more ambitious with my video-making, perhaps there will be future video posts of record hunting, or maybe drive-by's of my local record shops. I could keep posting stacks of titles which are currently in my shop, but then as things sell, there'll be no way of updating those. Hmmm...I'll keep thinking about this.

Video Post: What's In My Etsy Vinyl Shop Part One

Many people ask me what kinds of records I sell in my Etsy Shop, so I thought I'd make a little video post about it. This is just one small taste of what you will find, and give you an idea of the flavor I try very hard to keep going. As stated on my shop profile, my inventory is dangerously close to my personal collection, as I have a taste for the rare and hard-to-find, as well as the incredibly cool.

So I hope you will enjoy this little peek inside my shop, there is much, MUCH more to be found there, and I try to list new titles everyday. But I can't do that without your support, so have a look around, you're bound to find something for your collection that you can't live without. And don't forget to pick up the coupon code located in the sidebar of this page. Enter it at checkout to receive a little discount on your purchase(s), as my way of saying thanks. This coupon never expires, and you can use it as many times as you like.

Keep spinning that vinyl!

BOOK REVIEW: Vinyl Junkies - Adventures in Record Collecting by Brett Milano

Vinyl Junkies by Brett Milano
Even though Vinyl Junkies came out nine years ago, I didn't think it would be in danger of being 'outdated' aside from the fact that record collecting is enjoying a major upswing at the moment. Excited to find a book about vinyl that wasn't a guide of some sort, I happily purchased a copy. Again, for a niche subject, this book was written a relatively long time ago, and it seems that many things have changed. One of them being that contrary to the author's belief, there ARE female 'vinyl junkies' out here thankyouverymuch. Now I am not a raving feminist or anything, but one should be careful what one puts in print, for fear of alienating a potential audience. Get my drift?

The result translates roughly to a carnivore being served a vegetarian meal; meaning there wasn't a whole lot of substance going on. The author is proud of the "famous" people he knows, and enjoys mentally sneering down his nose at their collection, or specific titles they choose to share with him. But I personally didn't find this book all that informative, and found myself hungry for a lot more. It made me ask the questions, "Why did he write this book, and who is it for?" It didn't even seem like it was written for other vinyl junkies, really. I think he wrote it for himself, to prove he could, I suppose. Which is fine, but throw us a bone here. If you're gonna write a book in such a specific niche, give us more than the obvious quirks of said junkies; offer us their reasoning, get to the meat of their vinyl desires, and for God's sake be interesting about it!

That being said, there were a few precious moments where it felt like I was reading about myself, little things pertaining to the particulars of collecting vinyl as a lifestyle choice, not just a hobby. It matters less (in my book) what kind of turntable someone has, and more what is in their collection and why. Just as in an earlier  post of mine: Celebrities And Their Vinyl Collections: Amoeba Helps Out where we discover which particular titles people love and why they choose to purchase them on vinyl.

But what do I know? Perhaps there is a book about vinyl inside me waiting to be written. Anyone wanna give me an advance??