JustCoolRecords Logo Contest and Vinyl Record Giveaway

Attention readers, graphic artists and fellow vinyl junkies, I need your help! I would like to have a 'proper' logo and banner made that can be used for my Etsy Shop, business cards, blog, and for the upcoming JustCoolRecords web site that will be launching soon. Can you help me?

The specifics: What I need:

  • A banner in .jpg, .gif or .png form, and is 760px by 100px and no larger than 2MB.
  • The same or coordinating image suitably sized for business cards.
  • If possible, an image for avatar use. 

What you'll get:

  • $100 worth of free records from my shop! No exclusions, you can choose any titles you want. Records will be shipped to any address you provide within the US.

  • $50 worth for free records if you use my image file (see below). This can be modified with a different background, filter or color scheme. Please email me if you choose this option, and I will send you a proper file to work from.

I will choose and notify the winner on Labor Day weekend. Please send all submissions to: rarevinylandjustcoolrecords@gmail.com with 'JustCoolRecords Logo Contest' in the subject line. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Thank you in advance to any interested parties, and good luck!

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

JustCoolRecords Vinyl Graveyard and Record Rescue Center

What is a Vinyl Graveyard and Record Rescue Center you ask? Well in my home, it's a place where rare but broken, badly damaged and missing records go to live out the rest of their days. In my years of buying, selling and collecting records I have come across many a rare title that was either missing its cover or record, unplayable or worse. I cannot bring myself to make a clock or other art project out of a record, regardless if it's broken. But it's better than the going in the landfill, and I have to believe that sometime, somewhere down the road I'll come across a record that needs its proper cover, or...well you get the idea.

Now we always try to look for the silver lining here at JustCoolRecords, so of course I have a mini Record Rescue Center in my home as well. This is where covers get repaired, cleaned and matched up with their mates whenever possible. Records are cleaned, test-played and given new inner sleeves if their originals are missing.
As you can see, many rare children's titles are usually the target of mistreatment; broken, missing and/or highly damaged records are an all-too-frequent occurrence.

Nothing feels quite like rescuing some lonely cover without its record than finding the record without a cover, or a very badly damaged one. I love to bridge the gap between "one man's trash is another man's treasure" whenever I can. Especially when it means someone (or myself) will get to enjoy it for many years to come.

So keep this in mind when you're out there crate digging; if you come across covers with missing records or vice versa--if the price is right, mind you--pick it up. Because you just never know. Or just send it to me, and I'll put it safely to rest (hopefully temporarily) in my Vinyl Graveyard. Happy spinning!

Celebrating JustCoolRecords 1500th Sale on Etsy

Yep, you read it right, my little Etsy Vinyl Shop has just had its 1500th sale! That's a nice little milestone, even though all in all, it's probably my 5000th sale considering all sites across the board over the years. But it's certainly a testament to the growing popularity of vinyl, and perhaps also my ability to curate a worthy inventory.

Right now, all items are 15% off in my shop for a limited time. As always, don't forget to grab the coupon code (located in the sidebar of this page) and enter it before checking out on Etsy. This will give you an additional discount as a thank you for taking the time to read my little vinyl blog, I do so appreciate you, dear readers!

This Summer has been a dramatically different one, sales-wise. It seems more people have found my Etsy Shop, have found this little blog, have found me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or RebelMouse, or maybe it's just that the planets are finally aligning in my favor. You think? Whatever it is, I thank all of you who have purchased records from me, and I hope to continue to bring you Just Cool Records for a long time to come.

Keep spinning that vinyl, everyone!

JustCoolRecords Gets a USB Turntable and Stereo System Upgrade

out with the old...
Yes it's true, I have stepped up a couple of baby steps in the world of turntables. I know audiophiles are scoffing at my set-up, but for me, it's the nicest system I've ever owned in my entire life. The Ion USB turntable was a lucky Craigslist find for half price, the amp is from my previous setup and the speakers were generously donated by a dear friend of mine--both pairs!

After pulling all of the records out of my 1969 console stereo cabinet, I realized I was dangerously close to exceeding the limits of my Ikea Expedit, dedicated to my personal collection (I have another one filled with inventory for my Etsy Shop). Craigslist saved me again with another Expedit (built, same color) again for half price. Yessssss......That should last me awhile...I think. By the way, if you have not yet used the Craigslist App, I very highly recommend it.

...in with the new!
Even though I bought this as an everyday player, it is meant to convert vinyl to mp3, so I am stumbling my way through Audacity--I stress the word stumbling--as it's mostly beyond my comprehension. This is secondary, however, because I get so much pleasure from just being able to listen to records on a decent system.

It is really nice to see fellow vinyl collectors' with less-than-perfect stereo systems. We all strive for the gradual upgrade, but we gotta start somewhere, right? But for now, I for one, could not be happier with what I have at the moment. Happy spinning!

JustCoolRecords and Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, RebelMouse and Pinterest

As we all know, social media is the key to see and be seen on the scene. But just how many social networks does one person have to have to get the word out? I dunno. But I do know I have my favorites...

This post is just to inform you of the social platforms on which I lurk, and where you can find updates on new listings, what I'm currently listening to, and the vinyl shenanigans of a vinyl junkie. Each social platform has a hot link to the JustCoolRecords profile, so be sure to follow, become a fan, link up, hook up and check out my bitchin photos on Instagram.

Ready, here we go...

Twitter is one of my faves, it's easy and quick and you can spend as little or as much time as you like. Follow me!

Facebook is my least favorite. I post it only because I 'have' to. Become a fan!

Tumblr will keep you up to date on new daily listings and things I deem worthy enough to reblog. Check it here.

Instagram is my new favorite! Lately, I've been posting here more than the other platforms, and I really enjoy the 'instant' feedback from fellow vinyl lovers. Follow me at JustCoolRecords

Pinterest is fun, although I'm finding I don't use it as often as I probably should. It's more like eye candy in varying forms. Check out my vinyl board.

RebelMouse is a brand new social media, but one I like very much simply because you don't have to spend any time building anything up, it's automatically done for you. How cool is that? RM is still in Beta stage, but you can sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account. Become a rebel!

Whew. That's about all the social media I can handle. Hopefully you are signed up with at least a couple of these platforms, and can hook up with me on one or more of them. I also have a You Tube channel, but have not uploaded anything new in awhile. I should get on that...