Review Of Mondo's Maniac 2013 Soundtrack White Vinyl Pressing

 Ooh lordy..the vinyl gods have somehow seen fit to allow me to win the vinyl lottery. OK, maybe not as dramatic as all that, but I feel pretty damn lucky to have received one of the elusive WHITE pressings of Mondo's Maniac (2013) Soundtrack. And here it is in all its glory...

This was my first Mondo purchase, I am not normally on Facebook at the crack of dawn waiting with bated breath for the announcement that the latest item is available for sale--for about five minutes. Seriously, things sell out that fast on their website, so it's almost impossible to get the latest item there, depending on what it is. But I digress, let's talk about this very cool record...

First of all, the artwork. I am definitely in the minority when I say I much prefer the Death Waltz' version of the cover (more on them in a bit), and not because Mondo's version (art by Jeff Proctor) depicts a woman's scalp being removed by a headless man. I just prefer photographs to hand drawn art on album covers except for, of course, the original vinyl pressing of the original film--it simply does not get any better than that. Also, the Death Waltz version is not available for purchase in the US, unless you want to pay an inflated price for it on Feebay.

Now the vinyl itself and the soundtrack. As I said earlier, I was fortunate to receive a 'randomly inserted' white pressing of the vinyl. The thing is, Mondo doesn't specify just how many of these were pressed, on white or black. And now the album is available for pre-order on Amazon, so there's really no telling just how rare this album will be. However, I'm less concerned with that because I bought this album for me, and I rarely keep anything nice because I have the bad habit of selling all of my super rare and desirable records to pay the bills when business is slow. This is a habit I am desperately trying to overcome. But again I digress...the white vinyl is gorgeous, and there is there is an ever-so-slight hint of black swirl in a few places on the record itself. Nice, huh?

Now, the music. I AM IN LOVE. Composer Rob (Robin Coudert) has done an excellent job of capturing a mood, full of synthy goodness and mystery. My only complaint is that the songs aren't nearly long enough, and they seem to have an incomplete feeling to them. As if each track is just a snippet of a longer version. But I'd say that's a good problem to have, always leave 'em wanting more, eh? As described, the music is most definitely an homage to Tangerine Dream, Goblin and of course our beloved John Carpenter. I played it three times over before I could manage to put something else on (and that was only because I received the Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack on vinyl this morning).

Here's one of my favorite tracks for you to sample, and see if this is something you'd like in your personal collection. Enjoy!

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