JustCoolRecords Early Birthday Sale in Etsy Shop

That's right kids, it's almost that time again...time for me to be another year older. But that means great things for you! Now thru Sunday (5.12.13) all items in my Etsy Shop are on SALE 15% off. Prices have already been adjusted, so you're good to go. I have been working really hard to bring you to the coolest records around, so please take a peek and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Also....as always, there is a special COUPON CODE located in the sidebar of this blog that you can use at checkout to increase your savings! It's just my way of saying THANK YOU for taking the time to read my little vinyl blog, I do hope you enjoy it. I realize I need to work on bringing you new info on a more frequent basis, and I promise I'm working on it...

Sale ends at MIDNIGHT on Sunday, so be sure to check it out. Happy spinning everyone!

Record Playing Withdrawal Day 3

So we're refinishing the hardwood floors here at casa JustCoolRecords, which of course is usually a good thing. However, this means that I can't play records for over a week while this gets done.

First was the removal of everything in the room, then came the puttying of all the deep scratches, gouges and separation. Finally the sanding (and about a million pounds of dust) and hand sanding of any missed areas.

Yesterday I got to wash down every wall in the house (practically), along with just about every surface in the entire house. Despite our efforts to protect other rooms with plastic sheeting, that stuff still goes everywhere.

Next up is the varnish and sealer stages, hopefully to be completed by the weekend. Then comes more waiting...and waiting. You see, you can't put furniture or area rugs on the newly varnished floor until it has dried and cured for up to a week. For reals.

Until then, my entire record collection and turntable set up is carefully covered and stashed in the dining room, looking very forlorn. Sigh...

On the upside, I've discovered Spotify as a source for music until I can play my records again. So far, not a bad substitute, but will never be better than the real thing. And the wait continues...