JustCoolRecords First Promotional Items: Buttons for Vinyl Lovers

Being a constant internet presence means always changing, always growing and going with the flow. Well I am very excited to share these with you, my first promotional items! The vinyl culture has grown so rapidly over the last few years, and with it has come catch-phrases of our own, like a little secret club. Everyone loves buttons (pins, badges whatever your country calls them) as their own little piece of flair that says who you are and what you stand for. So my hope with these is that they will not only help share your love of vinyl, but help to spread awareness too.
So both of these buttons are available FREE, with no limit. Just pay $1.00 each (within the US) to help me offset the cost of shipping. International buyers please choose the International shipping button(s) which will charge you just $5 for the first one, then $1.00 per badge thereafter. Cool?
This post and Paypal buttons will remain active as long as I have them in stock, and I bought quite a few so we should be good for a while. Time will tell. But I thought these would make great gifts for any and all vinyl junkies, friends and lovers. I hope you like them, and I plan to have a few more promotional items coming up very soon. Enjoy, and keep spinning those records!
Vinyl Is The Plural of Vinyl Button
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Home/Record Player Button

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