JustCoolRecords Makes the Top 100 Etsy Sellers List on CraftCount

Ok vinyl junkies, time for me to gush a little....I recently found out that my little Etsy shop has made the Top 100 Etsy Sellers List in the Vintage category on CraftCount.com! As a frequent checker of my stats, I was surprised to see a climbing number of traffic coming from this site, and curious to know why. So upon further investgation, I vaguely remembered registering my shop on CraftCount, but forgot about it because one of the stipulations is having at least 1000 sales. Well I'm thrilled to say that the shop has gone waaaay beyond that, having just past the 4000 mark in a little over 4 years thanks to YOU...and a lot of hard work on my part. I may be at #97 on the list, but at least I made it and am hoping to climb further up.

UPDATE: As of January 2016, I have climbed to the #70 spot! Thank you to all who have helped get me there! YEOW.

What is CraftCount you ask? It's an app that not only tracks the highest selling shops on Etsy, it's also a site where you can place an ad for your shop to attract more awareness/traffic and ultimately, buyers. I have never placed an ad there myself, my budget for advertisting is very limited. But I would venture to guess it would be a worthy investment based on the traffic increase I have seen from the site. So fellow Etsy sellers take note, this may be an option for you if your shop has at least 1000 sales. But even if you haven't reached the magic 1000 mark, register your shop anyway because the system will automatically include your shop when it does.

This news was a bit of a shock to me--a happy one, of course--but unexpected indeed. I've known my little vinyl shop is one of the biggest and most established on Etsy (for strictly vinyl anyway), but I had no idea it was anywhere near the top 100 in sales. Remember this is for the Vintage (20 years or older) category only, not the entire site overall. I've got a loooong way to go to get to that point....but we shall see, won't we?
The biggest of thanks goes to any of you who have purchased from my Etsy Shop over the years, I wouldn't be here without you. Spreading the love of vinyl and connecting music and people are two things I live for, truly. I hope to continue on for a few years to come, if you'll allow me the privilege.

Keep spinning those records!