How To Remove Stickers from Record Album Covers

Heads up vinyl junkies! Today I'd like to share with you a way to remove those nasty price stickers from your precious album cover--WITHOUT DAMAGING THEM! I know, I know, I've done it too, plenty of times, and ruined an otherwise great looking cover all in the name of either impatience, ignorance or sheer stubbornness thinking I could remove it carefully without peeling a part of the cover picture overlay off. Well, no more of that I on!


1. Lighter fluid (yes, I know, it sounds terrifying, but TRUST ME). It works amazingly well, and it's CHEAP.

2. Exact-O Knife (or tweezers would work great too)

3. A soft, absorbent cloth or paper towel

4. Q-tips (optional)

You'll want to be doing this on a very flat surface first of all. No, wait, FIRST of all, REMOVE THE RECORD AND IT'S SLEEVE FROM THE COVER. Thank you.

Saturate the sticker with lighter fluid CAREFULLY, it will come out of the spout very quickly--so watch it. Make sure you get the whole sticker thoroughly wet with fluid. The fluid will start to run/bleed quickly--don't panic, it's ok--wipe off with your cloth or paper towel. Fluid will immediately start to soak into the sticker, then begin to evaporate.

When the fluid has nearly 'dried' (less than a minute), take your Exact-O knife (or tweezers) and gently pry up a corner or edge of the sticker to see if it will come off easily.

If it looks like the sticker won't come off cleanly or very easily--no worries--do step one again. Re-saturate, and wait for fluid to evaporate. It should come off really easily and cleanly.

Depending on the type of glue, the kind of paper and what kind of cover you have (matte and textured or glossy) there may be a little glue left behind. This is where the Q-Tips come in handy. Put some fluid on either your cloth/towel or Q-tip and rub in a circular motion to remove any stubborn glue or bits of sticker left behind. Most all stickers I have found come off without this step, but I've added it here because there are so many variables; how the record was stored, how old the record/sticker is, paper and glue types, etc.

Now. If you see what looks like an 'oil spot' or residue from the fluid on the cover DON'T PANIC this WILL evaporate in time. Unlike alcohol, lighter fluid won't remove any color or texture from the paper. And unlike GooGone, it won't leave a nasty, smelly, oily residue that you'll be stuck with forever. Just let the cover sit for a bit, and it will return to it's original state.

There, now wasn't that slick and easy? This also works great for book covers too, just be careful of very old books that have cloth or thin paper covers. Hope this helps, and hopefully now you won't be deterred from buying any records that have stickers all over them--they can be removed!

Keep spinning that vinyl!

P.S. I as I can remember, I will post other before/after pics of covers I have removed stickers from, just to help give you an idea how versatile this method is.

The Walking Dead Vinyl Soundtrack Issued by Spacelab9

Heads up zombie fans! Once again I'm posting this a little late, but wanted to make sure you guys know about this release. The cool dudes at Spacelab9 have issued the soundtrack to The Walking Dead on vinyl. Even better, there are a few different variants to choose from, provided they are still available in one place or another. Let's have a look....

Picture Disc
The other two variants are Black Smoke, and plain black which are both still available on the Spacelab9 website. All other variants have sold out, but of course can be found on fee-Bay, Amazon and Discogs.
There are two major complaints about this release; first, that it only contains 8 tracks. Pretty thin even by today's standards. The second complaint is that the original title track is a remix version, which I have heard a lot of complaints about. But it's still a very cool release, and already a collector's item.
Spacelab9 also offered accompanying slipmats in a zombie theme, with two designs; one male and one female. As of this posting, the female variant is still available on their website, and they look like this:
I guess I got one of the last male variants available on the website, because they're sold out now. But check the above websites, I'm sure you can find one sooner or later.
Finally, since this release is stated as a Vol. 1, I'm hoping that means they'll release a vol. 2 on vinyl, since the CD version is already available. Time will only tell, and I'll be sure to add an update here when I hear anything.
Hope you've enjoyed this post, and keep an eye on Spacelab9, I suspect they'll be coming out with some really cool releases in the future. Check out their release for Breaking Bad (sold out, of course, but if you're diligent you'll find one).

Creepshow Vinyl Soundtrack Reissue by Waxwork Records

 As you must know by now, it's Halloween 24/7 around casa JustCoolRecords. And although this post is long overdue, I suppose it's better late than never, and I felt it was necessary to do my part to make sure the awareness of Waxwork Records is spread. If you haven't yet discovered any of their highly sought after vinyl releases, it's time you did.

A couple of months ago, they reissued one of the most beloved of horror soundtracks; Creepshow with all the love and care it deserves. The music included by John Harrison is the same as the original release, but you get sooo much more. I mean, check out the features on this thing:

  • Heavyweight casebound tip-on gatefold jacket with a satin coating
  • Director essay from George A. Romero
  • Composer essay from John Harrison
  • A built-in booklet featuring production stills, artwork, and liner notes
  • A satin coated 12×12 art print of The Creeper
  • Full album packaging artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin
On top of all this, there are five, yes FIVE variants that were released, to coincide with the five stories within the film itself. All of which are mind blowingly gorgeous; cake icing with blood splatter, ocean blue, meteor shit green, fluffy grey with blood splatter and cockroach brown. Truly a labor of love, a lot of thought and care went into this release, and it has already become a collector's item.

Yes, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, the splatter variants were only available on on the Waxwork Records website and sold out within mere minutes. However, you can still purchase the record on Amazon (but you will most likely either receive the blue or green variants--still gorgeous nonetheless) and no doubt you can pay through the nose for a copy on the dirty four letter worded site that begins with an 'e' but you'll get no links from me here.

Yours truly was not up at the crack of dawn, finger poised over the refresh button to grab a cake splatter copy the minute these babies were let loose upon us, but I did manage to get an Ocean Blue copy, which is just fine with me. It is a lovely addition to my personal collection, and a welcome mate to its original counterpart.

I follow Waxwork Records on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with their newest releases, so I suggest you do the same if you wanna stay in the loop. Keep spinnin that vinyl, yo!

Horror, Sci Fi & Pop Culture Books: JustCoolRecords Branches Out with LaCreeperie

I now interrupt our normally scheduled bring you awareness of my newest venture (which actually isn't so new). Because many of you out there in internet-land are horror fiends like me, I thought I might take a chance that many of you, like me, love books, particularly if they are Horror and /or Sci-Fi related. Intrigued? Read on.
It gives me great pleasure to bring you my newly re-vamped Etsy Shop: LaCreeperie. I have actually had this shop open for a few years, but never really knew where to go with it. I started out selling children's Halloween books and other bits and bobs, but the shop never had a cohesive look or feel. Since I had had some success with the books, I thought I might venture further into my latest obsession; horror anthologies and film novelizations of the 60's, 70's and the almighty 80's, particularly if they happen to be horror or sci-fi related. So I'm pleased to announce that LaCreeperie specializes in Horror, Sci-Fi and Pop Culture titles, in addition to the horror themed art my hubby creates in our basement studio.

Below are the kinds of books I like to collect, but much like JustCoolRecords, my inventory is dangerously similar to my personal collection. So this is what you can expect to find at LaCreeperie....and more...much more. (But these particular titles are not available for sale, at the moment).

I hope some of you will turn a curious eye to the "new" Etsy Shop, I've been having a lot of fun curating interesting inventory for you, meanwhile adding to my own collection which I confess is spiraling slowly out of control. But what kind of collector would I be if it weren't so, hm?

So here's where you can find me as LaCreeperie on the interwebs:


Etsy Shop:

Instagram @lacreeperie (follow me here to get a special DISCOUNT CODE!)

Twitter: @lacreeperie2


Come join me in my latest obsession, we'll go to the looney bin together bro, I don't give a fuck. Wink!