JustCoolRecords, Where Have You Been? And Where Are You Going?

Hello, is there anybody out there...? Yes, I know it's been a helluva long time since you've seen a new post here. I have been so busy with LaCreeperie and other endeavors, this blog has simply slipped through the cracks. But that's how things go, right? As I have to constantly change with the whims of the internets, the same can be said of my own work load. So what does this mean, exactly?

Well, it means that JustCoolRecords as a brand, a bitchin record shop and a force to be reckoned with is on it's slow, graceful way out. Now, this is not happening overnight mind you, but I think I can confidently say this will be my last Holiday season selling records. I will most likely close the shop for good sometime after the first of the year. And unless someone offers me a nice chunk of change for my current inventory, I don't see it happening any sooner than that.

Between re-issues of many rare and hard to find soundtracks (my specialty) and people sourcing their own vinyl collections, it's just becoming too difficult to keep such a wide and varied inventory available for you. Aside from this, I am also having a lot more trouble finding records locally and for fair prices on the internet. All this while growing another successful shop AND writing a book is just more than I can keep up with.

So there's still plenty of time to shop the store, and I'll do my best to post at least a few more blogs before the end of the year to remind you that the clock is ticking. Stay tuned, and keep spinnin that vinyl!

UPDATE Dec.2015: Ok, I may have jumped the gun just a wee bit up there. It seems that there is still life in ol' JustCoolRecords yet. For the foreseeable future, the shop will remain open. However, I have been making drastic changes to what kinds of titles I keep in the shop. So bookmark that link, cuz I ain't leavin til the party's over.

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