2015: New Year, New Changes..

 Hopefully everyone has survived the ringing in of the new year by now...I hope you all have exciting things planned for 2015...I know I do. So let's get to those changes, shall we?

First off, the "bad" news. Which isn't actually bad, it's just a change. I have made the executive decision to close the JustCoolRecords website--not the Etsy Shop--for the time being. The traffic just isn't there, and I refuse to pay Google for traffic. This just means that the Etsy Shop will be the primary place to purchase records from me for the foreseeable future. However...

I have also made the executive decision to include records on my other website LaCreeperie, which, as you may or may not know, features books and art. Why? Because I have come to realize that record people tend to be book people too, and because LaCreeperie has taken off so quickly, it seemed the right thing to do to try to bridge the gap between the two shops. Time will tell.

So what kinds of records will you see on LaCreeperie? Modern vinyl (titles less than 20 years old), Horror and Halloween related titles not featured in the Etsy Shop, punk rock, goth rock and maybe a few Sci Fi titles as well.

If there's one thing I've learned in all of my years of online retailing, it's to be flexible to change and to keep trying new things all the time. So bear with me dear readers, I promise to make any changes as painless as possible. Stick it out and let's see what happens...

Happy 2015!

UPDATE: As of January 2016 all records have been removed from the LaCreeperie website due to lack of interest. Guess I will just stick to books there after all!