New Blog URL for JustCoolRecords

I am way late to the party on this, and perhaps a few of you have figured it out already. The blog URL has changed from (now my new webstore) to (where you are now). Please bookmark this now if you'd like to return. This was a very impetuous decision, and I didn't think it through properly. I just thought I was being clever by redirecting the consistent traffic that comes to my blog to the new website. Now I've probably lost what little credibility I had built up over the years on Google. Ah and learn.

So this is just a brief note to say, no, you're not crazy, if you tried to visit the blog and saw instead a bunch of records for sale. It won't happen again, but the damage has been done. Moving forward, I promise to make any big changes known well in advance.

Now back to our very irregular programming...