Just Cool Records Closes After 8+ Years... A Final Farewell

Yes darlings, the time has come. My Etsy vinyl shop is now closed, after nearly 9 years! Things always change, and time, it do march on...so onwards and upwards.

If you are one of my many loyal customers, do not fret! I am still offering a very select inventory of records on the LaCreeperie website as well as a few music books; musician autobiographies and the like, so have a looksee there. I do not have the quantity of records available as were in the Etsy Shop, but the quality is certainly there.

You see, one of the deciding factors for closing the shop was the fact that my local sources for finding records have all but dried up. That is, vinyl has become so popular (as has Portland-ia), so most all the records I find are either way overpriced or simply too picked over. It was becoming so difficult (and expensive) to obtain inventory for the shop, that I simply had to make an executive decision.

This, coupled with the fact that my LaCreeperie website and Etsy Shop have become so successful, I was having a lot of trouble keeping up with all three shops effectively. Actually, it's quite exciting. Because after 13 years of online retailing, I feel I've finally gotten it right. So the decision to close the vinyl shop but add a selection of records to the website seemed like a good exchange. So far, so good.

I have to take the time to mention that Just Cool Records would not have been as successful as it was without your support, both in the shop and on this here blog. Speaking of blogs, I have a LaCreeperie Blog as well. In it's infancy, but I plan on keeping a frequent presence there, as it promotes my love and desire to write.

So thank you, dear readers and dear customers, for (almost) nine years of support and connection. I hope a few of you will find interest in my new(er) venture at LaCreeperie.

Keep spinning those records!

Over and out.

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