JustCoolRecords is an informative blog about all things vinyl; buying, selling and collecting records. Sharing the love of VINYL all over the world!

Twelve years ago, I became an online media seller; books, CD's, DVD's, VHS tapes, etc. When mp3's came out and my inventory resource for rare VHS tapes dried up, I thought, 'Hm. What's next?'

After 20+ years of being 'record-less' I began to take my knowledge of the previous 5 years of rare titles, and hunt for rare soundtracks on vinyl, and any titles and bands that I loved. Going back to the format I grew up with opened up a floodgate of passion, nostalgia, happy memories and a fierce desire to continue to bring music and people together.

Seven years later (6 on Etsy), I have established a niche for my little shop and website, and my passion for records only gets stronger as time goes on. The vinyl blog (www.justcoolrecords.com) is growing and gaining interest, along with the resurgence of vinyl's popularity.

I will continue to sell records as long as there is a market for them. But my passion for vinyl will never again be replaced by new technology.